• "Best Emerging School in Bangalore by Times of India for the Second Consecutive Year".

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  • Mrs.Lakshmi Rao, our Mentor Principal accepting Times School Survey Award Rank 1 (Emerging Category)

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  • "Education in its true sense leads to happy relationships, meaningful work and personal fulfillment

    Mrs.Santhamma Gopalkrishna, Dean, NPS Group of Institutions
    schools in whitefield
  • "Our objective at NPS is to provide a happy, balanced and challenging environment where our students have the opportunity to fulfill their individual talents and goals".

    Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna, Chairman, NPS
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Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna

Chairman, NPS Group of Institutions

Few things hold greater importance to parents than the education of their children. Every parent looks for academic excellence, good values, and discipline for their children. Choosing the right school for them is therefore a crucial decision.

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➤   Registrations open for AY 2024-25 New

➤  CBSE Class X 2023 Result

➤  2022-23 Lumiere

➤  KSHITIJ 2023

➤  Ranked No. 1 School in Times of India School Survey

➤  From The Principal's Desk - February 2024

➤  From The Principal's Desk - January 2024

➤  KG1 - Art

➤  4F Class Assembly – Kindness

➤  Nursery – Republic Day

➤  1F Class Assembly – Spring - New Beginning

➤  3A Class Assembly – Mind and Body Balance

➤  Times NIE Teachers’ Meet

➤  Pariksha Pe Charcha

➤  KG2 – Science Experiment

➤  KG2 – Solar System

➤  Nursery – Grape Bunch Activity

➤  3B Class Assembly – Caring for Animals

➤  Prize Day

➤  7D Class Assembly – It's your attitude, not your aptitude that will determine your altitude

➤  7E Class Assembly – Choose Your Words Wisely

➤  11D Class Assembly –World Tourism Day

➤  6E Class Assembly – Importance of Hobbies

➤  Entrepreneurship Day

➤  5B Class Assembly – Unity is Strength

➤  5D Class Assembly – Perseverance

➤  6D Class Assembly – Team Work

➤  7B Class Assembly – Accept, Admit and Apologise

➤  Republic Day

➤  1E Class Assembly – Attitude of Gratitude

➤  From the Principal's Desk - December 2023

➤  From the Principal's Desk - October 2023

➤  Fit India Week Published in Times Nie on 09 January 2024

➤  Christmas Celebration Published in Times Nie on 11 January 2024

➤  7A Class Assembly – Meet and Greet

➤  8D Class Assembly – Exhale the past and inhale the future

➤  11A Class Assembly – Positive impact of Curricular activities on emotional quotient and intelligence

➤  11B Class Assembly – positive effects of music

➤  11C Class Assembly – Beauty Lies Within

➤  11E Class Assembly – National Youth Day

➤  National Youth Day

➤  NURSERY – Makar Sankranti

➤  Abhivyakti 2023

➤  4E Class Assembly – Courage

➤  5F Class Assembly – Determination

➤  6B Class Assembly – Early to bed and early to rise

➤  7C Class Assembly – Count Your Blessings

➤  7F Class Assembly – Courtesy-the one that costs nothing but buys everything

➤  8B Class Assembly – The Hero in Us

➤  8C Class Assembly – Focus on the Goals, Not the Obstacles

➤  8E Class Assembly – Stay true in the dark and humble in the spotlight

➤  9A Class Assembly – Perseverance

➤  9B Class Assembly – Gratitude

➤  9C Class Assembly – Inspiring Minds

➤  9D Class Assembly – Peer Pressure

➤  9F Class Assembly – Anti Corruption Day

➤  10A Class Assembly – A Safe Environment

➤  10B Class Assembly – Honesty

➤  10C Class Assembly – Harmony

➤  Christmas Celebration

➤  Hub Interschool Football Tournament

➤  Kalabharati Child Art Institute

➤  Lit-O-Flick

➤  Prajna Pradeepa

➤  1A Class Assembly – Happiness

➤  1B Class Assembly – Wildlife Conservation

➤  1C Class Assembly – Diwali

➤  1D Class Assembly – Joy to the World

➤  2D Class Assembly – Independence Day

➤  2E Class Assembly - Health is Wealth

➤  2F Class Assembly – Janmashtami- The Celebration of Childhood

➤  3F Class Assembly - Happiness Springs from Helping Others

➤  5A Class Assembly – Courage

➤  5C Class Assembly – Mind and Its Infinite Power

➤  5E Class Assembly – Importance of Time Management

➤  6A Class Assembly – Importance of Family Time

➤  6C Class Assembly – Importance of Posture

➤  6F Class Assembly – Altruism

➤  8F Class Assembly - Making the Right Choice – The Road Not Taken

➤  Christmas Celebration

➤  Fit India Week

➤  Hub Interschool Football Tournament of U13 Boys

➤  Sports Meet - KSHITIJ

➤  KG1 – Christmas Celebration

➤  NURSERY - Letter to Picture Association

➤  KG2 Diwali

➤  KG1- Gross Motor Activities (PE)

➤  Pariksha Pe Charcha


➤  3E Class Assembly – Kindness

➤  Fit India Week

➤  Sports Meet - KSHITIJ

➤  Hub Interschool Football Tournament of U13 Boys

➤  NURSERY - Number Chit Game

➤  KG2 Dussehra Celebration

➤  Kannada Rajyotsava

➤  4D Class Assembly Air pollution

➤  3D Class Assembly Books are our Best Friends

➤  NURSERY - Letter Recognition activity

➤  Hindi Diwas

➤  Swachhta Pakhwada

➤  English CCA Activity

➤  Helios


➤  SOULIT 2023 – Interschool Competition



➤  VSE Sports Premier League

➤  Field Trip of Class 3

➤  Field Trip of Class 4

➤  Sanskrit Day

➤  KG1 Days of the week Chain Clap

➤  Founder's Day Celebration

➤  Times NIE Newsmakers Meet

➤  Field Trip of Class 10

➤  Field Trip of Class 9

➤  Field Trip of Class 7

➤  Taaqademy Live Music Fest

➤  Field Trip of Class 2

➤  Field Trip of Class 1

➤  Teacher’s Day

➤  4B Class Assembly - Gratitude-Appreciating What We Have

➤  4C Class Assembly - Time Management

➤  KG 1 Clay Moulding Activity FruitsandVegetables

➤  Onam Celebration

➤  Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables

➤  Students with 100% Attendance Record

➤  International Day of Yoga

➤  International Music Day

➤  Investiture Ceremony

➤  Plantation Drive

➤  World Environment Day

➤  Capacity Building Programme On Happy Classrooms

➤  Class 10 Toppers felicitated by Bangalore Sahodaya Schools

➤  Orientation for Teachers

➤  Teacher Training Workshop on NEP 2020

➤  AAKRITI- 2023-2024

➤  Reopening day 2023-2024

➤  NURSERY - Letter A craft - 2023-2024

➤  Reading week 2023-2024



National Public School Whitefield is a co-educational school which is affiliated to The Central Board of Secondary Education, Govt. of India, New Delhi (CBSE Affiliation No. 830989) conveniently located in the heart of Whitefield. Spread over 4 acres of campus, NPS Whitefield offers state-of-the-art facilities for progressive and holistic development of students. NPS Whitefield is founded under the guidance of Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna, Chairman of NPS Group of Institutions and the management of NPS East & NPS Marathahalli.

National Public School Whitefield is committed to imparting high-quality education by giving students the opportunities to develop their creative and social skills through a wide variety of programmes in a safe, innovative, and healthy environment. At NPS Whitefield, the curriculum is designed by seasoned NPS leaders and alumni, making it the best CBSE school. The Primary and Secondary syllabus are planned to prepare the students for future challenges and help shape their career path.

At NPS Whitefield, we invoke in students a love for learning through the development of intellectual, emotional, social, physical and creative potentials.

Latest Events

NPS WHITEFIELD proudly presents KSHITIJ - 2023 our mega sporting event!

A day which celebrates tenacity and believes in fostering healthy competition and camaraderie. It is a salute to the spirit of sportsmanship that embodies dedication, hard work and excellence as we believe in our motto Reach Out, Reach High and Reach Beyond!

Making of Kshitij 2023 - https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=899995458131190