Registrations shall be invited through communication on website/ other medias. Once the registration process for an academic year is open, parents would be able to access the registration portal through link.

The process of registration is as follows:
Parents seeking admission for their child to NPS Whitefield are requested to fill the registration form using the link provided in the admission communication. Once the registration form is completed, you will be automatically redirected to the payment gateway where you have to make the payment for the registration form. Incomplete or unpaid registrations will not be accepted for admissions.

Steps to follow to apply(once in the registration portal) :
1. Create your login
2. Verify your email id
3. Fill registration form online
4. Pay registration fee online

Proficiency Assessment

Students are required to take a proficiency assessment which will be based on the syllabus as follows
- If the test is conducted in November/February – Full portion of previous year and 1st term portion of the current year
- If the test is conducted in April/May – Full portion of the previous year and of the current year
(The above may vary depending on the current situation and the guidelines by the Government)

Class 1 English & Mathematics Grade 1 (Friday, 10 December’ 2021)

Grade 2 To 4 (Monday, 13 Dec’ 2021)

Grade 5 & 6 (Tuesday, 14 Dec’2021)

Grade 7 To 9 (Saturday, 18 Dec’2021)

Each subject
At School- 30 minutes
Class 2 English, Mathematics & Hindi
Class 3 English, Mathematics & Hindi
Class 4 English, Mathematics & Hindi
Class 5 English, Mathematics & Hindi
Class 6 English, Mathematics & Hindi/Kannada/Sanskrit
Class 7 English, Mathematics, Science & Hindi
Class 8 English, Mathematics, Science & Hindi
Class 9 English, Mathematics, Science & Hindi/Sanskrit

For Nursery, KG 1 and KG 2, there will be no Proficiency Assessment.


Kindly ensure that your child has a good breakfast, carries all the required material with him/her and arrives on time. There is no special preparation to be done for the test.

For any admission related queries, please reach us at