Vivacious Interschool Talent Quest 2020 by Global Toddlers

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first, winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before” - Bonnie Blair
Life has changed a lot during this pandemic situation, but the KG 2children of National Public School, Whitefield have accepted the new normal and participated virtually for the ‘Vivacious Interschool Talent Quest 2020’ held by Global Toddlers.
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‘Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best.’ Our students from middle school participated in an interschool Literary Festival ‘Excellencia 2020- A Literary Odyssey’ conducted on a virtual platform, by Gopalan International School.
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Poetiques – Inter School Poetry Recitation Competition

Shubhankar Dhongde of Class 3 and Tiera Nevil Sebastian of Class 4 secured 2nd place in Poetiques – Inter School Poetry Recitation Competition conducted by Royal Concorde International School.
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Smart Student Hackathon

Our students of grade 8 emerged winners, securing the 1st place, in the event, “Smart Student Hackathon” at the Inter-School competition, “Wings of Fire” conducted by the Whitefield Global School.
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An interview conducted by Arka Mondal of grade 8D with Dr. Prajesh Bhattacharya

It's has become a fashion in the World of Science, ‘if you don't know Nanoscience you are outdated’! Not to be left behind, the young scientists of NPSW of class 8D, thought what better topic to choose for their class assembly than Nanotechnology! The topic decided, work divided and it fell to Arka’s lot to contribute one segment of the assembly.
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Little Blogger running a Coding Club – Also Featured on ThinkTac

NPS Whitefield’s brilliant kid ‘Shoubhik Pal’ from Grade 5 B attended ThinkTac Unlab program and his blog, video and testimonial has been featured on website which is a major step towards getting him a successful blogger.
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