Class 7 & 8 Assembly on the theme ‘Sanskrit Day’

‘Sanskirt Diwas’ is celebrated every year in the month of ‘Shravana’ to pay respect to the ancient language, the mother of not only our Indian languages, but also a few International ones. With the theme for the assembly as Arogyam Sarvarth Sadhanm( आरोग्यं सर्वार्थ साधनम्), the students of grades 7 & 8 put together an impressive assembly. All the segments of the assembly were delivered in chaste Sanskrit with absolute confidence. It was pure delight to hear the young pundits students speak in sanskrit with a perfect diction.

The high of the assembly was bringing to the fore, the fact that, Sanskrit is the greatest treasure India possess, it is our country’s pride, with so many attributes; a language of our ancient texts, a language where one can convey with absolute brevity and the language of the computers too! The quiz on our epics went well with the younsters. The students felt proud that they were pursuing the subject and left them with a feeling, that it was a legacy handed down to us from centuries and we as Indians, should never allow it to decline!