National Water Mission 2021

On Thursday, 15 July 2021, students of Class 1 and 2 at NPS Whitefield presented their virtual assembly on "National Water Mission."

It was a wholehearted effort by the students of class 2 to recognize and appreciate the efforts of the Indian government in launching the campaign to tackle the water crisis in our nation.

Children exhibited their understanding of the mission through slogans and display of posters. They recited poems about water with gusto. They spoke about how important water is for the sustenance of life on earth highlighting the core objectives of the mission: water conservation and development and management of water resources. They elaborated enthusiastically about the measures that need to be taken in each of our homes to check and control water wastage the significance of rainwater harvesting. It was the active involvement of the students that made the initiative enjoyable.

It was a modest yet comprehensive approach to understand and instill the main motto of the mission, "Catch the Rain Where It Falls, " in the minds of young children.

Students of Class 1 spread the message of saving water. The assembly started with thought of the day followed by national news, state news and science news. Significance of water was well explained through the speech. Students highlighted some amazing facts about water to explain its importance. Students made beautiful posters spreading the message – No Water, No Life.

The assembly concluded with a pledge - “SAVE WATER AND NEVER WASTE IT”.

National Water Mission
National Water Mission
National Water Mission